I have a friend that is always confused as to what to wear and how to wear what. I mean, before she gets ready for an event, her closet must be emptied on the bed or couch because she’s is indecisive. Let’s just say “she lacks the sense of style”.

Most of us are like her. We take time to prepare for an outing, not that we don’t have what to wear but rather, we don’t know how to wear them.

Are you a newbie to fashion? Do you want to change or improve your sense of style? Then you are at the right place, this article is for you.

Knowing how to put together outfits that would look great on you can be quite tiring and confusing just like it’s quite a lot of work to know the exact quantity of salt to add to a dish (especially public dishes). You know what I mean.

Developing a sense of style is something one needs to learn, yes you need to learn it like you learn a skill. It requires practice too (a little though).

A Fashionista or someone we say, has an eye for fashion, has been practicing for long and is becoming good at fashion. They started paying attention to their attire quite earlier.

As a beginner in the fashion game (is it a game?), you just have to develop a better knowledge of different outfits, how they can, and with what they can be combined. You also have to develop a feeling of the kind of things you like and the kind of things that resonate with you.

Here are some tips that can help you develop a fashion taste

  • Be Observant: pay attention to others’ style, what they are wearing, how they mix and match their outfits, how the shoes they wear match their outfits and how they accessorize.

There are many ways to do this (to observe), you don’t have to stand on the road to observe people.

Use your everyday surrounding, pay close attention to your colleagues at work, in that vehicle that will take you to work, observe your co passengers (don’t make it obvious though), you can observe in the church as well (most of us do this always).

The Internet is another place too. Yes, sites like Instagram, Pinterest, fashion blogs like Linda Ikeji, can also help to expose you to a wider range of styles.

Bear in mind that, this exercise is not just to feed your eyes or to admire people, remember we’re talking about how to develop a fashion sense.

So as you are busy feeding your eyes, look out also for outfits you like. Try to figure out what made it catchy (was it the color mix, the design or…).

Try to observe the outfit that attracts you. Overtime, you’ll discover the kind of clothes you like and how you like them.

  • Start with what you have: among the clothes you have, there are some that are your favorites, you love wearing them. Do you know that those few you are fond of can be your guild? Do you know they can guild you on how to dress and even assist you in your next shopping? I’ll tell you how.

There are some things about those clothes that made you like them, so you have to identify those things. It could be their color, style or features.

Those things you identified about your favorite outfits, are what your taste or style look like and they can guild you in this journey (it’s a journey right).

You can as well check out people’s outfit and styles on the internet, like mentioned earlier. Just type in precisely what you want, let’s say youu want to look up crop tops, just type in ” crop tops” and a whole lot of crop top ideas will pop up.

There are Fashion Don’ts you should pay close attention to. Here are few of them: Don’t over accessorize (simplicity is the key).

Don’t wear a pattern over another. Avoid too many patterns at once. Don’t wear narrow skirt. Babe, you need to walk well.

Don’t wear too many colors at once.

Don’t wear jewelry that jingle when walk. You are not a bell. Don’t mix your jewelry. If it’s silver, go with silver all through.

Don’t reveal too much when you wear leggings. If you have super back side, always

wear a top that covers it.

Having a great fashion sense is not dependent on wealth (well not totally). It’s all about creativity and feeling good about what you wear.

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