Have you been invited to an event or occasinon but you turned it down, giving flimsy excuses, why the main reason is that you don’t know what to wear?

Well, it’s common, it happens to almost everyone. But honestly, it is better to decline the invitation than to wear the wrong outfit to the occasion.

You love to dress appropriately for every occasion, but finding what to wear seems to be another work on its own.

There are different dresses for different occasions. Having the knowledge of the different types of outfits for any occasion would help you prevent future difficulties.

Every occasion has a particular outfit that suits it.

For instance, a pair of jeans and polo can’t be worn to an official function, it is casual and should be worn for a casual event.

Remember that fashion depicts your personality, so while searching for what to wear also consider your mood and feelings. For example, if you are going to a funeral, your outfit should show grief, it should speak of your emotion at that moment.

Different Outfits for different occasions.

Casual:  This outfit is worn when you want to visit your friends and family when you want to hang out with friends. Casual outfits should make you comfortable and relaxed.

Examples of casual outfits are jeans and T-shirts or polo, dresses, blouse, shirt and skirts, denim jackets, jumpsuits et cetera.

Casual outfits go well with sandals, sneakers, flip flops, and palms.

Business/Office wears: These are outfits for corporate and formal environments. For such an occasion or setting, you have to appear as moderate as you can.

Avoid wears that would draw unnecessary attention to you or even get you queries at work. Your outfit must also align with the organization’s dress code.

Most organizations or formal gatherings accept suits, shirts, plain trousers, knee-length skirts, ties, and moderate tops. Footwears include flat shoes, low block heels, loafers, stilettos, and corporate shoes.

Semi-Casual wears: the semi-casual are not worn to the office. They are for occasions like

weddings, parties, dates, and office dinners.

The major difference between the office wears and semi-casual wears are that the office wears are more corporate, formal, official, and conservative whereas the semi-casual wears are less corporate and more relaxed. It can be worn with more accessories than the former and it is worn for everything that requires refinement and class, outside the office.

They include palazzo, jeans, sunglasses, bright-colored shirts, chinos, sweaters, and jackets with comfortable shoes.

Black tie events: this refers to evening events like dinner, award nights, red carpet, and get together.

Outfits for these events should be glamorous, elegant, beautiful, and attractive. You should look stunning in your outfits.

Outfits for such an event are a tuxedo and dinner jacket for men, and a dinner gown (usually floor-length). And are matched with high heels, stilettos, shoes, bowties, accessories, and nice hairstyles.

Native wears: these wears are made from Ankara, Aso oke, lace, kente, high target, brocade et cetera.

They are worn for occasions like weddings, traditional and cultural events and so on. They can be worn on Fridays too depending on your office Dress code or your own choice.

They include isi agu, agbada, etibo, senator, iron and Buba, dashiki, kaftan, and other dresses made with Ankara.

What not to wear for certain occasions.

For interviews: avoid casual, flip flops, mini skirts, sneakers, revealing dresses, dangling jewelry, shorts, and wears that will expose you. You don’t want to create a wrong impression about yourself, to your soon-to-be employer.

For the funeral: do not wear bright colored clothes, sports or gym wear. You came to mourn with the bereaved family and not for some fashion show.

For the wedding: avoid a white gown -you are not the bride- also avoid jeans, sweat pants, joggers, and over revealing and eye-catching outfits. Don’t draw negative attention to yourself.

For the church: avoid shorts, leggings, clothes that could distract people from the business of the day (to worship God), steer clear of outfits that would expose your body, see-through dresses are No-No.

Wearing leggings? Do not wear short tops or short shirts.

Remember, your outfits depend on both the cloth, shoes, accessories, the event, and YOU.

Do not abuse fashion, wear the right outfit for the right occasion.

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