There are people you don’t like staying in close proximity with, not that they are your enemies or that you are not in good terms with them, it’s just the kind of odor that oozes from their bodies, they make you uncomfortable. People can feel the same way about you too, if your body odor is BAD (Take note of the word “bad”).

Body odor can make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious, but dont worry because everyone gets it and you aren’t alone. Your body odor needs to be maintained, so it doesn’t become bad or offensive.

Though we try to conceal it with deodorant or body spray, staying clean and eating healthy will exclude germs, that cause the odor, from your skin.

Now, we’ll list some ways to eliminate body odor;

  • Maintaining Personal Hygiene, Personal hygiene is not new to us. It is recommended that you bathe at least once a day (but pls make it a habit to bath twice daily). Try to shower or take a bath in the morning and at night to clean off any sweat or bacteria that are on your skin. Use good antiseptic soaps, they have been proven to be effective against odor-causing bacteria.

Pay attention to, and Scrub the areas that normally smell, such as your armpits, feet, groin and neck with a sponge and your soap.

Also, after strenuous works or exercises, shower as soon as possible to remove dirts from your skin..

  • Some people find it tiring or should I say they are too lazy to dry their body after bathing. This single art encourages bad body odor, how? Bacteria tend to grow in warm, moist areas. Therefore, use a clean towel to pat your entire body dry after you bathe.

And while at it, endeavour to focus on areas where moisture gets trapped easily, like your armpits or groin. Keep dabbing your skin with your towel until you body is thoroughly dry.

  • Shave excess body hair especially from your pubic region, to stop or reduce bacteria growth. As we mentioned earlier, bacteria survive in moist and wet areas, so when your body hair in places like the armpit gets wet, it favours the growth of bacteria.

I quite agree that shaving with razor or shaving stick makes one uncomfortable, but I am guaranteeing you that if you shave every three to four days, you won’t feel that

discomfort, just try it. But you are free to use grooming scissors, if you wish, to cut the hair shorter.

Which ever way, be caution, so you don’t accidentally cut yourself. Apply shaving cream or aftershave when you trim for a pleasant odor.

  • Use deodorant and antiperspirant. We can’t over emphasize on the importance of deodorants and antiperspirants to the body. If you are the sweating type, apply the antiperspirant under your arms or even on the bottom of your foot to help prevent sweat from forming. Many antiperspirants also have deodorizing fragrances to help mask odors, so pick a scent that you like.

But if you don’t sweat regularly, use deodorant without antiperspirant. Deodorant is acidic and helps kill the odor-causing bacteria on your skin.

When purchasing an antiperspirant, get recommended ones to avoid skin irritation.

  • Wear clean clothings. Avoid wearing dirty and stinking clothes, since they may reintroduce bacteria to your skin.

Look for clothes that allow airflow and prevent sweat easier, examples are clothes made from natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, or silk. Remember to wash them always.

  • As human beings, we need water to keep ourselves hydrated. Water also helps to flush toxins out of your system. Try to have at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Avoid having sugary or caffeinated beverages, since they can make you more dehydrated and trap bacteria in your system.
  • People smoke, usually for fun or to feel alright, little do they know that smoking causes bad odor. Smoking can leave an odor on your clothe and body, and it could cause you to sweat. Do your best to quit smoking to keep yourself smelling fresh.

Have you spoken with someone that just finished smoking? What was the experience like? Not good right? Smoking and drinking alcohol also cause bad breath, so limiting how much you smoke and drink, (if you can’t stop it entirely), can also improve your oral health.

When to Seek Medical Care for assistance;

Contact your doctor if you begin sweating more than usual or if theres a change in how your body odor is.

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