To most people, especially ladies, pimples are a nightmare. It is a skin problem that all ladies can pay any amount to get rid of.

The worst part is that pimples pop up at the worst times (call it wrong timing), and we are eager to remove them. No one wants to know that pimples have a life span -usually a week- that is to say that, pimple dries up after a week. We can’t wait, we just want it gone immediately.

So, some will pop it (a bad idea though) whereas some will opt for over-the-counter pimple treatments. Either way, our main concern is to get rid of the pimples as fast as possible.

The over-the-counter pimple treatment products can easily get rid of pimples but they have lots of after-effects such as skin dryness.

In this article, we have listed some easy DIYs to remove pimples.

Do not pop your pimple: when you notice a pimple on your face, do not touch it or pop it, it can traumatize your skin- Josh Zeichner, a dermatologist said.

This trauma can lead to redness, infection, and black spots.

Use ice on the pimples: instead of popping your pimples, get some ice and place it on the area. It will help reduce the inflammation and the size of the pimple, hence making it invisible, says Candace Marino.

For the best results, do this repeatedly.

Use aspirin: aspirin contains salicylic acid which is a top pimple fighter. To use this, make the aspirin into a paste and apply it to the affected area/areas to remove excess oil and unclog pores. It would also help reduce pains and redness in the affected area.

To prepare the paste, crush an aspirin tablet, add a few drops of water, mix thoroughly and your paste is ready. Apply it directly to the pimples.

Change your pillowcase regularly: your pillowcase is where you rest your head (your face too), so it should be kept clean always.

The major cause of pimples is that the pillowcase has oil from your hair, face, and surrounding and therefore can bring about pimples on your face.

At least, once a week, swap your pillowcases to reduce breakouts.

Do not apply makeup over an inflamed face: you might think you are covering the breakout, but instead, you are choking it.

If you must put on makeup on an inflamed face, go for makeup products with salicylic acid, as this acid helps to prevent or treat pimples.

Always resist the urge to touch your face: it is common and natural to feel the urge to touch your face and squeeze the pimples, but it is not a good act.

If you feel the pimples are ready to be popped out, and you can’t resist the urge to touch it, gently use a clean cloth damped with hot but not scalding water to remove pus from the pimple.

Don’t forget to apply your treatment on the area.

Do not practice everything you found on the internet. You might end up with a dried flaky face.

Get yourself a mild cleanser: avoid using a harsh or strong cleanser on your face, go for something gentle.

Stick to your normal skin care routine with a mild cleanser, apply it till the breakout disappear.

Do not over stress yourself: studies has proven that stress could result to breakouts on the face. In as much as we can’t rule out stress from our life completely, but it can be managed.

Stress induces a hormone called Cortisol, which causes the skin to produce more oils, therefore, resulting in clogged pores and more breakouts.

Learn to introduce rest into your daily activities.

As you look out for products to give you a good, pimple-free face, watch out for your body as well. Because, most times acne is caused or worsened by what you apply on your body especially your hair.

Some hair products can cause pimples. When you have your hair cover your face, it introduces oil used on your hair, on your face.

To check this out, If you have more number of pimples at the sides of your face, they are likely to have been caused by your hair products.

Pimples come and go naturally, but if you don’t have enough patience to wait for that, practice this simple hacks and have a clear, glowing face.

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