FASHION, are you over doing it?

FASHION, are you over doing it?

Now-a-days, female attire has ceased to be a means of beautifulcation or display of the wearer’s taste and has become instead a mere brag about wealth.

Ok, at an “all ladies” event, the other day, I saw a lady glittering like a jeweler’s case (you know what I mean) with costly gems or accessories. I just stood there, dumbfounded, like “what is this?” As bad as it may sound, none of those gems showed sophistication or elegance but rather insensitive show-off.

Well, I’m just saying that, there should be simplicity in Fashion. I believe the problem here is that most people don’t really understand the ideas or facts behind fashion. Now let’s look at what fashion is really all about.

Fashion speaks loud and clear about a person. Remember that popular saying you are addressed by the way you dress- your dressing makes a statement before you would say a word.

Fashion is kind of a storytelling through clothing, a stylist once said. It is about the stories they are covering and the ones the wearer create around them.

So you see, fashion is not just about wearing expensive designer outfits, truckloads of jewelry and applying a high class make up.

Here are facts about fashion we probably aren’t aware of:

  • Fashion is an art. Yes, as an artist can easily express himself through art, you can also express yourself through your wears. The way you dress speaks about you and your taste.
  • Fashion creates an impression. We all are familiar with the saying that “first impression matters” but do you also know that “first impression is the last impression”? The few seconds you encounter a person is enough for you to decide whether you would like to connect with such person or not, do you agree?

Your outfits, jewelry, and all that, matters a lot because they create lasting impact on people.

With fashion, everyone is creative. Relax, I’ll tell you how.

Your ability to mix and match, select a certain jewelry for a particular wear, pick a

designer outfit and so on, brings out the creativity in you. I know you agree with me now .

  • Fashion shows belief, culture and tradition. Most fashion accessories are unique to a particular culture, custom or tradition.

Each area of the world has a different and unique style of dressing which often portray their culture and tradition.

  • Fashion boost self confidence and self esteem. Whatever you wear should make you comfortable. Because, it is (I mean, your dressing) your way of expressing your personality and style. It helps you fit in and stand out from the crowd. Fashion makes you bold.
  • Fashion is an interpretation of ones character. How you choose to express yourself is something that comes from within you. That is why you should be mindful of what you put on. Your attire can speak wrong about you, giving people a wrong view about you, without you knowing.

Everyone want to look good and follow the trends, but you mustn’t empty your piggy bank, that’s not what fashion entails. You can look your best with the few you have. You just have to be creative, mix and match the few articles in your closet creatively and you’ll be shocked to see people asking for your designer.

So, having gone through all these, you should agree with me that fashion is beyong a show of wealth. It’s true that one shouldn’t be judged based on his fashion taste, still don’t abuse fashion simply because you want to show-off, you might end up creating a wrong impact or impression.

A fashion designer, Miuccia Prada said, a person should be more important than the clothes … We need to do less”.

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