Your Lifestyle; Your way of living

Your Lifestyle; Your way of living

Lifestyle according to Alfred Adler, is a person’s basic character established from childhood. We can further explain this term as the physical, psychological, social and economic values, interests, behavior and view of an individual. It can be active, inactive, healthy or unhealthy.

The way you behave or simply put, your lifestyle is not dependant on trends rather it is that which gives you pleasure and satisfaction.

Although not all aspects of a lifestyle are voluntary, your surrounding, social and technical systems can constrain the lifestyle choices and the symbols you are able to project to others and yourself as well, your lifestyle shouldn’t decrease your value it should instead, increase your value.

Lifestyle may include views on politics, religion, health, intimacy, and more. All of these aspects play a role in shaping someone’s way of life.

Are you still finding it difficult to say what kind of person you are? Are you still not sure about yourself? Not to worry, it happens.

But I urge you to carefully go through the questions below, I believe it would help you identify your lifestyle.

  • Whenever you are part of something, let’s say a project, are you always motivated o make progress? Do you love sharing your interests and ideas with people of like minds? Then you are part of those called “the Corporates”
  • Do you love trying out new things? Are you usually curious and brave? Do you love competition and challenges? You are an Adventurer
  • Do you enjoy participating in group activities like trips, camping, festivals? Do you love connecting and networking, you love making new friends? You are a typical Socialite.
  • Do you have the ability to turn or transform your imaginations into teality? Do you get inspiration when you are alone? Then you have the Creative’s lifestyle.
  • Do you always thrive to make a difference wherever you find yourself, establishing legacy for generations to come? Do you make people’s worries your concern? You are an Activist.
  • Are you a bookworm? Do you have a flair for writing and sharing ideas and knowledge from the books you read? Are you usually curious about learning? I’m talking of the Bohemian.
  • Are you obsessed with hands-on tasks like craft, construction, manufacturing, organizing household stuffs? Do you pay attention to details? Hello Technician.
  • There are those who love and admire the beautiful attributes of nature. They find satisfaction outside their rooms, receiving fresh air and appreciating the wonders of creation. Yes, it’s also a lifestyle. I call them, Nature-lovers. Are you one of them?
  • We also have the providers, these ones derive joy in making people happy, they are lovers of peace. Problem solvers. Do you possess these values? Then you are a Provider.

People can have more than one lifestyles. Aye, you can be anything you want to be as long as it gives you happiness and peace.

But in all, remember that your way of life, your lifestyle impact your world and the lives of others.

So now, let’s challenge ourselves to truly define our lifestyle. After going through the questions above and discovering your lifestyle, try to answer these ones too, to be sure you are on the right track;

  • What is your style of living? Having gone through the questions above, which one best describes you?
  • Is your lifestyle truly important to you?
  • Are you letting other lifestyles, maybe your friend’s lifestyles, get in the way or overshadow yours?
  • What impact do your lifestyle make on others?

While answering the questions, do take your time, think deeply and make adjustments where neckessary.

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