In some part of the world, women are not allowed to cut their hair. Even if they must do so, their husbands must grant them permission to do that. This is simply to tell you that the hair is the crown of a woman.

Hair Care is one of the most important aspect of personal grooming both for your appearance and your overall health. Yet, taking care of the hair is not an easy task.

Taking care of your hair can be as exhausting and frustrating as taking care of your skin. You will be confused as to whether you are doing it right or not, whether you are using the right products or not.

But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some hair care directions, Dos and Don’ts.

  • Know your hair type. Before you rush to purchase any hair care product, identify your hair type first. Hair can be wavy, curly, kinky or straight, but has been grouped into 2 major types; Fine and Thick. From your hair textures, you can easily say if your hair is light or thick.

You can visit a hair specialist if you are not sure of your hair type.

  • Choose a good shampoo and conditioner: after identifying your hair type, get a shampoo and conditioner that best suits it.

But, do not wash your hair too often (no matter how you love your shampoo), this act can dry out your hair, removing its natural oils and might even damage your hair.

Wash your hair sparingly, if it is not braided, wash it at least twice a week.

Use safe conditioner after washing with shampoo. And try to carry out deep conditioning at least once a week, it keeps the hair soft, healthy and moisturized.

Note that, deep conditioning is different from normal conditioning. While the former is washed off after about 15-30 minutes after applying, the latter is washed off just few minutes after rubbing into the hair.

  • Do not use brush or comb on wet hair. After watching your hair, do not use come or brush on it.

Wet hair is fragile and can easily break. So instead of using a brush or a comb, work your fingers (with a leave-in conditioner) through your hair to detangle it. The leave in conditioner will help smooth out your hair without causing damage to it.

But if you must use a comb, go with a wide-toothed comb and start combing from your ends and move gradually into your scalp.

Do not over brush your hair. Though brushing your hair would promote hair growth, over doing it will damage it by causing split ends.

  • Avoid heat drying as much as you can. Air drying your hair might take the whole day but it is healthier.

Even if you washed your hair at night, it is better you tie the hair to a bun and allow it to dry over night than to blow-dry it.

Heat from blown dryers can damage the hair. Only use it when you want to straighten out your hair or when you are in a hurry. And while using it, set the dryer to be warm not hot.

  • Do not dye your hair constantly. Dyed hair looses a lot. If you must dye your hair, do it once in a while, give your hair some breathing space.
  • Learn to trim your hair regularly. Many will disagree with me, but before you react to this, just know that, trimming your hair is the best way to get rid of split ends.

Jyotsna Barik, a hair specialist, said “with your hair shears, remove about ¼ inches above the split ends at least every 6-8 weeks” .

  • Go natural when possible. Majority of us don’t give our hair some space to rest, they are on a new hairstyle almost every week. Hey babe, letting your hair breath can work wonders (know this now), so give it some space.

You can also subject your hair to stress when you always put it in a tight bun. Once in a while, leave it down.

Above all, eat and live healthy. Give your hair the right amount of vitamins it needs. Foods rich in Protein, Iron, Vitamin A and C are recommended for a healthy hair.

Drink enough water every day, at least 8 glasses of water will do, for a healthy body (and hair).

Importance of taking care of your hair: proper haircare helps to;

    • Prevent hair loss
    • Increase hair volume: this includees not only the number of hair strands but also the thickness of a hair strand (who doesn’t love thicker hair strands?)
    • Good hair care habit assures an attractive hair from the outside and a healthier hair from the inside.
    • Keeps the hair shiny.
    • Proper haircare provides the hair with adequate moisture and therefore, helps in preventing dandruff.

Your hair is your beauty, it is a crown you wouldn’t want to loose. So take care of it, pamper it (if there’s something like that).

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